Monday, March 01, 2010

You Like Me, You Really Like Me

Okay, so maybe you didn't like me so much, as you probably felt really sorry for me and decided to follow because anyone who would stoop to actually ASKING for followers must be really desperate. 


Because you did it anyway and now, my dear Blends (I'll get that in a sec), I've hit my goal!  I have 100 followers, and I am just tickled pink, y'all! 

I hope all of you who are now "official" will stop by my little rodeo every once in a while and comment.  Comments are love, Blends. 

Back to the whole Blend thing.  I've noticed recently that several of the blogs I read have some term of endearment created especially to address their readers by.  I loved this idea, but didn't want to just STEAL someone else's idea. 

So, I thought and thought.  If I can be called a Sunday, a Siesta or a Bleep (three blogger a.k.a's I can think of off the top of my head), then I think I can get away with using something as random and possibly strange as Blend (Blog + Friends...get it?  I knew you would).

So, to all my BLENDS, I say, THANK YOU!!! 

p.s.  Giveaway coming soon!  I told you I would, so check back in a short while. 

p.p.s.  I hit Hobby Lobby's HUGE sale this weekend and will have a new mantle set up, soon.  My SIL, Dawn and my MIL helped me pick everything out.  So, next post:  The Cowgirl's new mantle!  Stay tuned!  

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  1. I have been a follower for a long time, but now I am official. Enjoy reading your blog,

    Your blend,

  2. Love the aka...and am so blessed to call you not only a blend, but a friend too!! Hope things are going well in the Big C. Can't wait to see the mantle pics. Oh how I miss Hobby Lobby - but my checkbook does not! :0) We've been watching for our "baby shower" to arrive...can't wait!!!

  3. I'm so glad you explained "blends"! lol! I LOVE IT! Perfect! Maybe you should blog about how we were bootay dancing in aerobics today. LOL! And...I soooo didn't know there was a huge sale at HObby Lobby this weekend! I ALWAYS miss out! (stomping foot and whining like my 3 year old!)

  4. LoL! Love the term 'Blends'!


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