Sunday, June 13, 2010

It Definitely Was NOT A Sunburn

 A couple of weekends ago, we spent Saturday night with lots of good friends, raising money for a good cause at the 4th annual sausage fest.

We were outside the whole night, visiting, laughing, dancing and just having a genuine good time.

We got home very late Saturday night...okay, Sunday morning is probably more accurate...and I immediately went to bed.

I slept fine until sometime early in the morning when I woke up with an awful burning sensation on the back of my neck.  I was perplexed; I knew I'd had a slight sunburn, but I thought this was ridiculously painful.  Then, I decided to touch the place that was hurting and I was shocked to feel a line of what I thought were maybe burn blisters.

As soon as McHotterson was awake, I asked him to look at them and he instantly identified it as the results of a blister beetle.  HUH?

I've heard of these nasty critters, and I"m sure you've seen them...they seem to be everywhere in Texas and the Eastern United States.  Turns out they don't bite you.  If they land on you and secrete the toxin from their legs, they leave disgusting and painful blisters in any place the toxin has touched.  If you pop the blisters and the toxin touches anywhere on your body, a blister will appear there, too.  EWWW!!!  So, McH carefully popped them, doused them with bleach and peroxide and then put some antibiotic and a big bandage on them for a day or so.  Have I said lately how much I love that guy?  After that,  I just let them breathe and heal on their own.

Isn't that absolutely sickening?  I still can't believe I've lived all this time and this was my first encounter with a blister beetle.  

I will post an after picture sometime soon so you can see how nicely they've healed up.  

And again, I must say...EWWWWWWWW!!!!

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  1. OUCH and GROSS! I've heard those blister beetles can cause a lot of problems if they get into hay, they will make blisters in horses mouths. Yikes!

  2. Ewww! Being a West Coast girl, I had never heard of blister beatles! What a great husband...I hope they heal quickly!

  3. YES Ansley Gayge was attacked by one of those little stinkers in Menard. She stepped on one....I had no idea what it was, at one point I contemplated the thought that we were going to have to amputate her toe!! Nothing like a little over reaction from the crazy MOTHER!!

  4. OH MY GOSH! I had never heard of a blister beetle before, and I'm so sorry you had to encounter one! That is horrible!! I'm hoping we won't encounter many bugs in Peru since it's wintertime there!

  5. I just found your blog through blessedmama's it's super cute!!!

    I have seen those things before but I never knew that left blisters like that!! That is the oddest thing ever! I blogged about my hatred for horseflies today haha!

  6. they look horrible! one thing i don't miss about texas...the bugs! here roaches are non-existent, ants are minimal, mosquitos are rare, but mice are aplenty!

  7. I must say that after 30+ years (fine, my entire life) in Texas I have never come across these critters - KNOCK ON WOOD. But I second your EWWW.

  8. WOWZA!! That's CRAZY!!! Thank goodness for McH being so knowledgeable!!!!! I think we are all up for an interesting summer of mishaps!! lol! Miss ya!

  9. Have to say I am much older than you and have NEVER come across a blister bug.....Thank the good Lord! Hope you are better and yes you should love that man!

  10. What a fun blog, and I certainly have enjoyed my trip down your blog page. I am attempting my very first give away on mine, so if you like Burger King, then come on over and enter. The prize is a $5 gift card from Burger King. Thank you for letting me visit.

  11. A Tx Gal myself ,I am with you ACK! On the blister beetles :(
    Love your blog, Now following :)


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