Friday, June 11, 2010

I Know For a Fact The Earth is Round...

...because as much as you might have thought so, I have not fallen off of it!

Wow, BLENDS, first I have to apologize for my lack of posts in the last few weeks.  Things have been, shall we say, kind of nutty in this cowgirl's household.

I am going to use this post as a quick recap of what's going on in our crazy, but very BLESSED lives.

*School was over May 28th and I have already been enjoying my summer.  I've spent the last four days in Amarillo with my mom, taking care of her bestie, Donna, who just had shoulder surgery.  We had some family and friends over last night so Dad could grill for them and he didn't disappoint.  I love it when they are here!

*McH's new business endeavor is going really well.  In fact, it's doing better than we could ever have imagined...thank you, Lord...and he is looking at hiring someone to help him out.  He is spraying fields all the time and as soon as I start to complain about not seeing him, I remind myself that this is an answered prayer and God has been faithful to us...beyond our wildest dreams.

*We have been overwhelmed with blessings this summer in the form of answered prayer.  I think I mentioned a while back about possibly selling our house.  Well, it kind of fell through then, so I was okay with knowing we had given the decision over to God and continued to pray for an opportunity to sell in the future.  The opportunity came sooner than we were expecting.  Once again, our house was not listed or officially even on the market, but a couple from a little town South of us needed to move closer to the hospital and long story short, the contract has been signed by both parties, and we close on August 3rd.  Whoa.  That's still very surreal to me.  Part of me is very sad to be moving...okay a BIG part of me.  But again I am reminded that God has given us this opportunity (albeit in a way I wasn't really expecting, and in a way we will have to sacrifice quite a bit as far as our house goes), and so I choose to be abundantly grateful for it.  HE IS SO GOOD!!!  I'll post more about the house stuff later.

 *I have accepted a position as the junior English teacher, and will be teaching all juniors and one class of Dual-Credit seniors this coming year.  It's going to be a big year of changes for me, but I'm looking forward to the new challenges that come with this next school year.

*This weekend I was in Stanton for Women's Emmaus Walk #40.  What an honor to serve these women as a team member again this year.  I was just overwhelmed with God's grace and mercy as I saw the hearts of some of these women soften and the walls come crumbling down.  The Holy Spirit was powerfully present this weekend and it was an awesome sight to see!

* Did y'all notice the ticker at the top?  I can hardly believe it, but in EIGHTEEN DAYS I am leaving for my trip to Peru.  I've been saying I don't think I will really believe it is going to happen until I'm on the plane and headed to South America.  I am SO excited I can hardly stand it, but I also know there is a lot to do before I can leave!  I've been taking a Spanish class, which has now ended.  So, I'll be continuing to brush up on it on my own and getting my things together slowly.

*We have finally started our road to in-vitro and we couldn't be more excited.  Things are going to be really busy and crazy the next couple of months, but we are ready for whatever and wherever God brings us in this journey.  I don't really feel a peace about sharing all the details about our in-vitro yet, at least not with the whole world (because you KNOW the whole world reads this, but as I feel led, I will share more as far as specific dates and things.  We would ask for your prayers as our friends and family.


  1. Cool!! Prayers going your way for the in-vitro... And the trip to Peru sounds FAB!

  2. So great to hear from you! It sounds like things are going amazingly well!! So glad to hear that. Can't wait to catch up on our Tuesday night date! :)

  3. Have missed "hearing" from you! Sounds like all things are clicking into place in your life. You bless so many around you, how can God help but bless you right back!

  4. I just had to pop in and say that IVF comic made me laugh out loud! SO, so true with most doctors. =) Praying for you and Richard!

  5. Can I get a Yee Haw??!!! What a great start to the summertime. Enjoy all of the moments both large and small, good or bad.

    Hope all goes as planned with everything coming up.

  6. Well I know how you feel about the hubby being gone alot mine is planting cotton and I hate that he gets in later than Tripp goes to sleep! But it pays the bills so I try not to complain! And it only happens certain times of they year! Have fun on your trip and take it easy after that!


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