Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pregnancy Highlights: 15 Weeks

How far along: 15 Weeks today!

Size of Baby: Babies are the size of an apple.  At Thursday's appointment, Baby Girl (A) weighed 4 oz. and Baby Boy (B) weighed 5 oz.  They are about the size of an apple.
(Picture from Google Images) 

Total Weight Gain/Lost:  I gained 1 pound in less than a week (Saturday to Thursday).  That brings me to right around 10 pounds, I think.

Maternity Clothes:Yes, most of the time.  I also spend lots of time at home in pajamas and yoga-type pants. 
Gender: Baby A is a GIRL!  Baby B is a BOY!  

Movement: Not yet, but I can't wait for that!

Sleep:  Okay.  Right now, my back and my hips keep me from really sleeping well.  I've slept on the couch the last few nights and it seems to be somewhat better. 
What I Miss:  Sleeping on my stomach.

Cravings: Not really any true cravings right now, but I am hungry quite a bit still. 

Symptoms:  Tired, hungry, headaches, and backaches.

Best moment for this week: By FAR, finding out the babies are okay, and that we have ONE OF EACH!  We are ecstatic and overjoyed and so very thankful for this blessing! 
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  1. And you've already named them too?!? Glad to hear you are doing well and I'm sure you'll have a fantastic Thanksgiving coming up!

  2. So very happy for you girl & hubby...great job of keeping up the'll look back some day and be glad you wrote this all down. Enjoy every minute of it...

  3. Fifteen weeks?! You're doing great! It's great you are recording this...

  4. Totally agree - I can't wait to sleep on my stomach again!!! :-)

  5. I hear ya about sleeping on your stomach! Yay for a boy and girl!


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