Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Said I'd Never Complain

I lied.

Sort of.

Here's why.

Before I was pregnant, I swore if and when I ever were, I would never complain about anything because I just wanted to be a mother so badly!

All I have to say to that is HA!

I hope I don't offend anyone with this post, because I know there are those of you who are still waiting on your miracle.  And I truly, 100% believe it WILL happen for you.

However...I advise you now to never make the same statement I did.

Here's my complaint. 

My back hurts SO BAD!

I have to add here that I like to think of this as a "vent" and not a complaint.  Because I feel like complaints are things you make when you would like to trade the situation you are in for something different.  That isn't the case in the least.  I wouldn't trade these twins for anything in the world.  

I've had several complications in this pregnancy already, and none I outright complained about (except maybe to McHotterson or my mother).

But my back is killing me, y'all.

And I don't know what to do about it.  I've even missed a day of work because of it. 

It's lower back pain and it's only when I sit at work for a long period of time; or when I sit in the car on a long trip and occasionally if I lay the wrong way in bed.

I bought a Snoogle, which is DIVINE, but it obviously doesn't really help when I'm sitting in a chair.  

I have a chair in my classroom...a lounger...and it is heaven.  I've gone from just using it during my conference periods, to now even using it during class. The kids haven't even really taken notice of it, or at least they haven't said much about it.  They get it. 
While we are in Lubbock on Monday for my 16 week check-up, we are going to look at some ergonomically correct office chairs to see if we can find one that might help.

Any advice would be very much welcomed!  Oh, and it can't include Ben Gay or Icy Hot or anything like that because I've already tried that once and it made my back break out in a rash.  Ew.....

I'll leave you with some pictures of me in my classroom, lights off, lamps on, music going, reclined during my conference.


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  1. I'm sorry your back hurts! And I have very little advice for you. I had back aches, but never back pain. I was able to us a heating pad to help (on that note, make sure you have a heating pad for the post pardum time!! If you have a c-sec, the heating pad may be your best friend!).

    I smiled, just a little, when I read the first part of your post. There have been times (not from you!) when I complain about this that or the other (which usually involves being pregnant or having a newborn) and I feel chided by my friends who don't/can't have children. "Such miracles! How can you complain?!" "I would endure anything to be in your shoes!" "It's worth it, just be happy!" I like when someone who hasn't previously been in my shoes can relate to something I went through.

    Though I not at all happy your back hurts! :-)

    Does that make any sense?? Motherhood holds many, many, many blessings. And never would I want to trade my children in for my old body, my old sleep schedule, or my old boobs. But sometimes, you just need to vent!

    And girl, I hear you!

  2. I agree with the heating pad. I used it lots during my pregnancy.

    Near the end of my last pregnancy, I ended up going to physical therapy 3 times a week due to back pain. I learned some great ways to stretch and relax my back. I learned the stretches fast, so I eventually got the approval to just do them on my own at home instead of constantly going to PT. Anyway, I am sure you can look some stretches up online to try.

    Hope you find something to help with the pain!

  3. Double ditto on the heating pad...a life saver! I also spent a lot of evenings in the bathtub taking a warm (not hot!) bubble bath. It seemed to help. My doctor told me to not cross my legs and to not sit on one leg, which I have a terrible habit of doing. They also recommended only wearing flat shoes. My doctor is a DO and he actually does some kind of adjustments on pregnant women. I went in for an adjustment and the doctor ended up thinking I had a herniated disc and wouldn't adjust me but sent me to a spine specialist instead. Long story short, I ended up having to get two injections in my back because it got to the point where my leg was going numb and I was in excruciating pain. I was a nervous wreck to get the injections, but they are the only reason I was still walking at the end of my pregnancy and Abigail is just fine. Hope you get some relief soon...I know it is just miserable!

  4. I know you said you tried Icy Hot...but have you tried the pads? They are sticky and stick to your back. Maybe less irritating than the cream? I use them ANY time my back hurts!! That and Tylenol extra strength :) I love them!

    Hope you get to feeling better!!

  5. So love the lounge chair. You look so comfy. My students would probably want to lay in it with me, their 6. I always tell them we can have nap time....oh how I wish : )

  6. Glad you can have that comfy chair at school!

  7. I dealt with a lot of back issues (that are still lingering, unfortunately) with both pregnancies. It can be miserable!

    I bought a pregnancy belt, and it worked wonders for me. I got mine at Motherhood Maternity, but I found some similar ones online at Target here:
    I'd highly recommend it.
    Other than that, I'd ask your doctor. Mine gave me stretches and advice based on my specific pain. Those really helped too. Hang in there!

  8. Well, thats not fun at all. I have lower back pains during pregancy too, but I just go to the chiro and she fixes me for a while. Mine comes when I sit for long periods of time too. Not sure how to help you out with it though. Maybe stretching, my chiro shows me a stretch to help keep me in "line". It helps. So. Yeah.
    Hope it gets better for ya though!! :)

  9. I say definitly the heating pad, tylenol, chocolate and a hershey bar. hehe. Unfortunantly, most of the pains of pregnancy have very few cures. Maybe if you pinch yourself a few times you will forget about the pain in your back. ;)

    In all seriousness, I hate that you are having so much pain! It does make it just a little harder to have a "fun" pregnancy. This too shall pass and those little sweeties will make you forget alllll about that back pain!

    Annnnndddd...I so didn't take it as a complaint! Definitly a vent. I'm guessing it won't be the last. LOL! Love you honey and hope you find a way to dull the pain! XOXO

  10. YES!!! omg girl!!! i'm trying to catch up on my 50 blogs that i haven't read from all of my blog buddies---doing a quick skim over and just HAD to stop and comment on this!!!

    before i even knew how many kiddos i had in my uterus...before i was even back was absolutely KILLING ME!!! it was so weird. i thought, this can't be! i don't even look big yet! why am i walking like an 80 year old postop hip replacement patient? lol

    i was told that it was the weight of my uterus. it isn't used to having all that fetus/placenta/fluid in there. and depending on how it sets (i have an uteroflexed uterus) it can put a lot of pressure on that lower tailbone.

    so, vent away my dear! and know that i am feeling your pain every step of the way!!!! you can do it- pretty soon, the crappy parts of the pregnancy will be fade and you will be holding those precious babies!

    omg. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO flippin' excited for you!!!!
    love you,


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