Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pregnancy Highlights: 16 Weeks

How far along: 16 Weeks Today!

Size of Baby: Babies are the size of an AVOCADO!

(Picture from Google Images) 

Total Weight Gain/Lost:  Not sure.  Will know on Monday at our doctor's appointment. 

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much all the time!  I also spend lots of time at home in pajamas and yoga-type pants.
Gender: Baby A is a GIRL!  Baby B is a BOY! 

Movement: I'm pretty sure I felt Truett move this week!  It was great!  Felt like a very light flicking from the inside out and it really caught me by surprise!

Sleep:  Some nights it's okay, some nights not so much.  My hips are hurting and my back has really been aching lately.  But the last couple of nights have been better.
What I Miss:  Sleeping on my stomach, being able to do things when I want to (like move furniture, or climb a ladder to hang something).  I'm not used to waiting on people to help me.  :)

Cravings: Not really any true cravings right now, but I am hungry quite a bit still.  And I'm thirsty all the time.

Symptoms:  A BIG BELLY!!!  :) 

Best moment for this week: Feeling some movement this week and hearing their hearts beat every day with the doppler.  Awesome! 

Next doctor's appointment is this Monday.  Looking forward to meeting my new OBGYN for the first time. 
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  1. Why do I feel like your pregnancy is catching up to mine, HA!!! 16 weeks, WOW!! Seems like you just announced it.
    Aren't the first flutters the best? Love each one.


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