Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pregnancy Highlights: 20 Weeks

How far along: 20 Weeks Today!  Over halfway for these little twinsies!

Size of Babies: They weigh about 10.5 ounces and about 10 inches long from head to heel (the length of a banana).

 (Pictures taken from Google images and

Total Weight Gain/Lost: About 23 pounds.  My goal was to gain 25 pounds by 20 weeks, so I'm almost there!  

Maternity Clothes: YES!  I can still wear t-shirts (no more smalls, though), but most of my wardrobe is spent in maternity.  And I finally had to buy new...ahem...undergarments, if you will, yesterday.  It was time. 

Gender: Baby A is a GIRL (Reese Kathleen) and Baby B is a BOY (Truett Zeldon)

Movement: Feeling them more and more.  Although, I still feel Truett more, I think, and I still have a hard time even knowing if what I'm feeling is their movement or not. 

Sleep: Pretty good, actually. 

What I Miss:  I miss my BRAIN!  I feel like my thoughts are all over the place and I forget to do simple things like respond to people's emails and/or texts or run a little errand or take the dogs to the groomer.  The "pregnancy brain" phenomena is no joke!

Cravings: Mexican food, buffalo wings with celery and ranch, soup, fruit.

Symptoms: My newest symptom has been heartburn and acid reflux.  I had it bad last week.  It seems to have subsided a bit this week, but I'm sure it will be back with a vengeance soon enough.  Yucky!   I'm definitely tired by the end of the day, too.  

Best moment for this week:  By FAR, getting to see the babies again yesterday.  They are doing so well, and the doctor says things are just going very smoothly now.  We're so thankful.  Their little hearts are perfect and they were moving around and are growing like crazy!
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  1. How exciting! You look great and sounds like everyone is doing well.
    I just love the names you have picked. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  2. So thankful to hear the babies are doing well! We are praying for Reese and Truett!

  3. I also love the names! We are still trying to come up with something we both agree on!


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