Saturday, December 04, 2010

Pregnancy Highlights: 18 Weeks

How far along: 18 Weeks Today...I'm now considered 5 months pregnant!

Size of Baby: Babies are the length of a BELL PEPPER!  They weight somewhere around 7 ounces.
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Total Weight Gain/Lost: Not sure an exact amount but I'm buying a new battery for the scale TODAY, so hopefully I can keep up on my own between doctor's visits.  I'm going to shoot for somewhere around 17 pounds so far. 

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much all the time! I also spend lots of time at home in pajamas and yoga-type pants.

Gender: Baby A is a GIRL (Reese Kathleen) and Baby B is a BOY (Truett Zeldon)

Movement: I'm pretty positive I've felt them both.  It's such a strange sensation and so hard to describe.  I don't think many of the descriptions I've read have accurately described the feeling for me.  Here's how I described it to McHotterson:  It feels like when you accidentally shock yourself and you get a little buzz, only it doesn't hurt.  Instead, it just catches you off guard.  I've felt Truett more than Reese, and both of them are more "active" (or at least I feel them more) in the morning and in the evening.  Every once in a while I'll get a little something in the middle of the day at school.  :)  Can't wait for the feelings to get more frequent and stronger! 

Sleep: Sleep is getting better, I think.  Most nights, I'm only up 2 or 3 times. 

What I Miss:  Still miss being able to do things for myself, especially around the holidays when so much needs to be done!! 

Cravings:  None especially.  Some things sound better than others, but true cravings have kind of subsided. 

Symptoms: A BIG BELLY!  My back is getting better for now (YAY).  Some days I'm really hungry, others not so much.  I've started getting kind of tired again, but all in all I'm really feeling good.  Sometimes if I'm walking down the hall or even just sitting on the couch, I'll forget I'm pregnant for a second...of course I'm reminded as soon as I glance Southward!  HA!   

Best moment for this week:  Realizing what I'm feeling in my belly is the movement of the babies and honestly just making it one more week with these little ones safely inside, growing up a storm.  December 17th can't get here soon enough for me!
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  1. You probably revealed the names earlier and I just missed it but I LOVE THEM! I'm sure you have stories for them so I'll just say I've always loved Reese and Kathleen. Always always. xxxooo


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