Tuesday, January 11, 2011

23w2d BELLY PIC!!

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  1. Hey BFF!!! HA!!! : )
    You look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!

    Thank you for all of your wonderful comments about our nursery. I can't wait to see yours. You will definitely have to share

  2. You look fabulous!!! Lovin' the weekly updates!

  3. Oh, my, goooooodness! That is the cutest preggo belly ever!! So beautiful!!

  4. Yay for a belly picture! So cute!! :-)

  5. So, So, cute! I don't think I ever took a cute belly shot!
    btw, in catching up with your last week's post...just wanted to share that when Tom's snoring started keeping me awake on restless pregnancy nights, I went to the hunting section of walmart and bought some super cute bright orange earplugs! ;-) Just a suggestion if you don't mind something in your ear and still want the company in bed with you! They worked wonders for me and I think I might actually be an ear plug addict now. I can't fall asleep without them anymore! :-0

  6. Aaron's thoughts: You are starting to look like your Dad...been drinking too many crown and waters. :)


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