Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fast Forward

So, here I am a FEW days after my last post and still so very behind.  I decided instead of trying to play catch up, I was going to start from the present and then fill in what I missed later. 

SO, here we go! 

Friday I had to turn in my laptop for the FINAL time to school.  To say I was sad, is a complete understatement.  Richard has a laptop he leaves at home, but it is a Toshiba, and I MISS MY MACBOOK!  I am in the market for a new one, so if anyone knows of a good deal or has a suggestion, let me know! 

Because I have no laptop, I also have no pictures on this computer, yet.  They are all on my external hard drive, so this post will be pretty boring. 

The events I will have to update you on later are: 

-Coming home from the hospital
-Our first few weeks home
-First bath
-Mother's Day in Austin @ 3 weeks
-Our TWO trips to Uvalde
-Our first church experience
-First night away from Momma and Daddy
-Plans for baptism AND dedication
-Our TWO month birthday
-Father's Day
-Anything else I figure is worth mentioning

Today the babies have their 2 month appointment at 10 this morning.  They have to get their first shots and I'm flying solo as McH has the boss man in town so he couldn't get away from the office.  Eek. 

I'm not nervous about taking the babies by myself...that's old hat now. 

I'm kind of nervous about what to do if when they get their shots, they are both really fussy.  Ugh.  It might be a very long afternoon for this Momma. 

I know this post is short, but it's a step in the right direction.

Gotta run and start getting ready for our appointment, but here's a picture to tide you over. 

I want to eat them...both of them!

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  1. Girl, totally understand the busyness that you have, and you have it Xtwo... they are SOOOO precious, beautiful babies!! I wanna hold them! :)

  2. Wow....they are growing so fast! So precious...I'm with Rachel, I wanna cuddle those sweet babies!

    Good to hear from ya!!

    Take care.

  3. Me too! Me too! I want to hold them! Sooooooo precious! So happy for you!

  4. I love seeing your posts about the twins. It just adds immensely to my anticipation of twin grandsons, due to come in October. I can hardly wait to cuddle them and watch them grow.


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