Friday, June 24, 2011

Picture Post...Mostly

The babies were TWO MONTHS OLD on the 18th of June.  I can hardly believe so much time has gone by! 

 "Did somebody make brother mad?  I'll beat 'em up!" 

LOVE this sweet face. 

 "What's up, froggy?"  Reese LOVES this frog and will talk and talk to it while she lays in her crib. 

Mr. Truett found a new friend, too.  He was mesmerized by the lion on his playmat. 

McH's parents (Nonni and Papa), kept the babies for a few hours on Sunday so we could get some things done at the house.  I felt like I was becoming a part of the clutter and mess!  It was so nice and the babies did great!  Here they are napping at Nonni's!  Look at Truett's little legs!  I could eat them! 

While we were out at McH's parents, the strangest thing happened.  We heard this rapping on the door to the back porch and when we went to investigate, it was a roadrunner who was seeing his reflection in the window and wasn't happy about his "rival". He was trying to attack his own reflection.  Hilarious.  Anyway, I grabbed my camera and got this shot of him on their back patio table. 

Playtime in Truett's crib!  They LOVE their mobils and now that they are focusing so much more, they will stare at them for what seems like hours!  Gives Momma a few minutes without a baby (or two) in her hands.  Sweet!  I tried to get a pic of them both looking at the mobil, but Reese followed me every time!  :)

The babies are growing and doing so well!  They had an appointment on Monday and Reese weighed 9 pounds 15 oz, and Truett weighed 11 lbs. 4 oz!  She is in the 14th percentile for weight and he is in the 36th percentile.  She is 22 inches long (22%), and he is 23+ inches long (72%). 

They are really good at focusing and following now and have started smiling more and more as a reaction instead of just in their sleep.  There is NOTHING SWEETER than a baby's smile, especially at the sight of you or the sound of your voice.  Absolutely melts myheart!

Reese has become a much more laid back baby than she started out as.  Don't get me wrong, when she's really mad, she will let you know and her cry will pierce your eardrums, but for the most part, I can lay her down and she is content and a pretty good self-soother. 

Truett has gone from my laid back baby to a real Momma's boy.  He is happiest in my arms, and while it is super sweet and I love cuddling, with two little ones to take care of, it has become somewhat of an issue I'm having to work out.  It's just so hard to know what to do and when (age wise) to do it. 

Speaking of...I hear him crying in the monitor!  Naptime is over, I suppose! 
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  1. Oh, they are precious, girl!!
    I bet it's different than just one at a time, I can only imagine. But you seem to do fine, and all those other momma's out there that had twins seemed to do fine, too. :) :)
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. LOVE this - the pics are priceless. Need to hold those babies SOON!!

  3. I really need to come see these beautiful babies! They are truly a blessing. Please kiss them both from me.

  4. CHARLA!!!! They are so so gorgeous! I truly love them, and I haven't even met them. You are doing a great job keeping up with two! I am amazed. Love to you all -

  5. Wow they are twins :) amazing pictures

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