Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two Precious Moments

I wanted to get these two moments posted so I wouldn't forget.

First, I've really been thinking about sleep schedules for the babies.  It's time.  They are now almost 11 weeks old and they have kind of fallen into somewhat of a sleep pattern, but it's not something I can count on or anything really well established.  I'm not expecting a miracle and for them to follow the same pattern, exactly the same way, day in and day out.  That said, a little bit of consistency, thus predictability, would really be nice.  All of that to say that tonight I decided to get them fed and into their pajamas by 8:00, in the hopes they might be asleep by 8:45 or so, or at least hanging in their cribs in a very drowsy state.  (IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS ON MAKING NAP AND SLEEP SCHEDULES, PLEASE FILL ME IN...I'VE READ A FEW BOOKS ON IT, BUT HANDS-ON KNOWLEDGE IS ALWAYS BEST, I FIND)!

So, pj's were on, tummies were full, and McHotterson and I each had a baby in hand.

A few weeks ago I ordered several Wee Sing CD's.  If you don't know Wee Sing, Google it!  I grew up listening to them and when I realized I was singing songs from the series to the babies while I rocked, changed, played with them, I knew I had to get some!  Two of the five I ordered from Amazong came in the other day, so I put one in in the nursery and started singing along while I had Truett in my arms.  McH walked by and joined us with Reese. 

And as we stood in that small, sweet room, our little family of four, and sang songs from my childhood to OUR children, tears welled up in my eyes and I could not help but cry.  It was one of the most special moments I've had since the birth of these two miracles.  All sorts of thoughts flooded my mind.  Today wasn't an easy day.  In fact the last few weeks haven't been easy.  It's a full-time, OVER-time job taking care of two babies all day, virtually by yourself (although we do have amazing family and friends who help out when they can and come to visit me).  But let's face it...I'm exhausted and sometimes that fatigue turns into full-blown frustration.  I have a baby who DOES NOT like to be anywhere but on Momma.  Period.  Even Daddy doesn't suffice sometimes.  And while that is super sweet and part of me melts, another much larger part of me gets very frustrated sometimes because one clingy baby is one thing.  But one clingy baby and another baby who, every once in a while needs and deserves my attention too is just...well...exhausting. 

Some family friends had triplets a couple of months before the babies were born.  They were in the NICU, but two of the three came home and are thriving.  One never got to come home and died early Monday morning.  When I heard that, I felt an overhwhelming pain in my heart, and as I type I am still getting choked up.  Having my own children puts a whole new perspective on things like that. 

And I still have several friends who are still trying to have babies of their own.  Who, as I did for what seemed like so long, fear they will never have a clingy baby to cuddle and soothe.  Or, they have tried IVF only to end up in failure.  I pray for these women so much.  My heart literally breaks and aches for them. 

So, as we stood in the nursery singing, I was just overcome with a calm I haven't had in a couple of weeks.  Here I was with my husband and OUR CHILDREN (sometimes I still can't believe it's true), singing, dancing, giggling at each other and at the babies, and watching their little eyelids get heavier and heavier. 
Eventually they both fell asleep and we put them down (as I'm typing this, McH has a hiccupping Reese in his hands...she didn't last long, and Truett is still asleep). 

That was Moment #1.

While both babies were down, I took the chance to go outside and water my plants.  A few minutes later, McH came out with the monitor and said, "Reese just rolled over!"  He was so excited.  I looked at the monitor and sure enough, there she was, in all her glory, rolled completely over!  (and to those of you wondering, yes, we had her on her stomach...please, no judging and no comments...I know about the research...I'm informed...both the babies have slept on their tummies for napping since they were 6 weeks old and I felt okay about it...they sleep on their backs for long, night sleeping while I'm asleep, too). 

She had done this once last week...I put her on her tummy and went to check on her and she was on her back, but we weren't sure if she had started on her side or if she had actually rolled over or not.  I think we were in denial!  HA!  Anyway, we now have a roller! 

That was Moment #2! 

And isn't that what this crazy, stressful, exhilarating, over-the-moon-in love, exhausting, totally fulfilling, challenging, parenting thing is all about? 

The little moments.  Here's to #3 through infinity...
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  1. Your babies are just precious! It seemed like 12 weeks was a major turning point as far as things getting easier, and a lot of my friends have said the same thing. Hang in there! As far as that feeling of awe over really being a MOM to a precious baby...I still have that feeling and Landrie is almost 2!!

  2. I love the Wee Sing albums! My favorite was always Wee Sing America!

  3. Love those precious moments. Isn't funny how when you are getting frustrated or want to cry, babies always find a way to make you smile. : )

    The babies are beautiful. What a blessing. I wish we were closer so I could visit friend. Tell them their BFF Kendalyn says Hi!!

    And don't worry K sleeps on her tummy too. She loves it. It helps that Mama Hawk is over her baby while she sleeps ; )
    You do what's best for you and your babies.

  4. You are so precious. It's such a see-saw between utterly blessed and a little dose of exhausted reality. Your babies are so beautiful, and they are so blessed to have such a devoted mommy. God knew exactly what He was doing all along! (and btw, the tummy sleeping is okay). :)


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