Monday, May 08, 2006


Well, after a LONG, much too long, hiatus in Childress, Richard is offically back in COllege Station sleeping with his wife where he belongs! He worked SO hard on our new house, and if you looked you would probably think otherwise. However, if you have ever installed hardwood floors yourself, as well as tile countertops, you understand where I am coming from. We now have 1/2 of a hardwood floor and the countertops have tile without grout in them. However, I will say the ceilings in all of the bedrooms have been de-popcorned and painted (yes, that was yours truly). Probably my proudest moment the whole weekend (besides realizing just how much my sweet husband missed me) was seeing how well the hardware I picked out for the cabinets, without knowing what the countertops would look like yet, looked post-installation! They are fabulous and exactly what I was looking for. I will post some pics later, but I am tired and must succumb to sleep so I can join the real world again tomorrow morning. Ta ta...

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