Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tornado Schmornado...

If you have watched the news in the last two days, you probably have heard Childress mentioned a time or two. Too bad it has to be about a tornado tearing through the sweet little town and and ripping it to shreds. Yes, it went through our neighborhood but thanks to God it did no structural damage to our house. My dad used to worry about us in College Station living in a trailer house...well pops, we have a house without wheels but are now in the true center of tornado alley! Somewhat of a catch 22 don't you think? Agghh! Word is we have one less large oak tree in our front yard (bummer), some damage to our back fence (nothing serious) and my rose bushes are missing MANY blooms and leaves....yikes. Other than that, the house seems to be okay, but what a welcome wagon we were given! We definitely were lucky compared to other parts of town. The high school lost one gym and had major damage done to the roof of the other. There were roofs of houses near ours that were damaged or ripped off. The Dairy Queen sign was ripped away as well as stop signs ripped up around the town and blown away. Buildings had glass blown out and the majority of the trees in the local park (and the bridge that spans the small lake) were uprooted. We are headed up again this weekend to work on the house...I guess we have some housekeeping to do on the outside, as well. Such is life, huh?


  1. I was wondering how the new Childress home fared in the weather. Glad to know there was no major damage! :) Does Maggie go with y'all when you go up to Childress?

  2. Well, she hasn't gone with us yet, but this time we are going to take her with us. Yay! My in-laws don't have a yard, so we don't take her with us because they aren't really dog people and don't like her in the house. I don't know what we will do with her this time...maybe let her stay in the basement (it is completely finished out with a bed and t.v. and everything. We are usually over at our house working until pretty late in the evening, so we will have her with us while we are working on the house. I can't wait to show her her new BIG backyard.

  3. Glad y'all are safe!! They always used to say in Kansas...God made it flat so you could see the tornadoes coming!

  4. Hey...Why aren't Ronnie and Dawn on this thing to? We've got to convert the rest of our families to this kingdom of blogdom. Ready? Go!



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