Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Marlee ________ Jenkins

In my last post I promised a Super Wal-Mart story, however I couldn't wait for this one!

As of Sunday, September 24th, Richard and I are the proud parents of a new miniature schnauzer puppy! Yay! I have been looking very diligently for the last 2+ months and we have finally found her! We are so excited (and tired), about the new baby in the house! I will follow the example of another mommy-to-a-new-schnauzer I know, and tell you a few things about our new munchkin:

  • She is yet to have a middle name...any help is welcomed! FYI: our other schnauzer is Maggie Louise.
  • She was born August 3rd.
  • She grew up in Abilene with her momma, daddy and four siblings.
  • She didn't cry (except for one tiny whimper) all the way home from Abilene.
  • She was almost named Abi (see above bullets), but her new daddy didn't like how Maggie and Abi sounded together...momma agreed.
  • She was named Marlee with two "e's" because her momma didn't want people calling her Bob (even though her daddy does anyway).
  • She is what the schnauzer world calls a "phantom." She is black with white/brown accents on her beard, feet, tail/bottom area and her eyebrows. She is bi-racial. Her momma was black and her daddy was salt and pepper.
  • She loves to eat, paws in the bowl first and shakes all over while she's doing it!
  • She HATES getting her hair cut and having a bath (both happened for the first time yesterday).
  • She was in her first professional photo shoot today (hence the reason for the above bullet).
  • She has the sweetest, skunky puppy breath you've ever smelled!
  • She ADORES her big sister, Maggie (the verdict is still out on whether the opposite is true) and follows her EVERYWHERE!
  • She's a cuddler.

Unfortunately, I can't get my camera and computer to cooperate with one another. I will try to get pictures up from my school computer tomorrow.

We are excited and can't wait to show you our new addition!

Until then...


  1. MUST POST PICTURE SOON! I'm dying to see her!!!!

  2. I too need to see some pictures. Name ideas:
    Taylor (the county Abilene is in)
    West (since it's "West" Texas)
    I'll keep thinking.

  3. Audrey,
    Great ideas! I thought about Jane, as well. There wasn't much significance in it (besides being an "L" like Maggie Louis, so I decided to keep thinking. I LOVE the Taylor and West ideas, though. Keep 'em coming! Oh, I just had a thought...she was born on Westwood street, too! Okay, West is in first place right now!

  4. What a darling picture of Marlee. The girls have talked about her nonstop since her visit to the Steed house. My middle name suggestion: Khadeijha (the name of one of an unforgettable student I had one year...took me ALL year to teach her how to write her name!)


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