Friday, January 05, 2007


Dawn and Cade are doing MUCH better! Thank you for all of your prayers! Dawn's not showing signs of much infection and was happy and sounded great when I talked to her last night. Cade is breathing on his own and doing well. His lungs were fully developed, just not as strong as a full-term baby's would be so he needed some help. Also, he swallowed some amniotic fluid during the birthing process and had to expel that, as well. The only thing they are waiting on to be discharged is Cade to begin suckling on his own. Dawn is pumping and he hasn't quite mastered the art of latching onto the bottle/her, but as soon as he can, they will be able to go home. Probably late today, early Saturday. I know she will be ready...she's been there now for going on 10 days now!

I went to the doctor yesterday and after urine tests, a Catscan, and a physical exam...oh and lots of waiting in between, it turns out I have a severe kidney infection in my left kidney. Turns out the bladder infection I had, spread to my kidneys. If you've ever had a kidney infection, you know one of the worst parts is the high, high fevers. So, I'm on antibiotics (Cephelexin) and Tylenol and trying to make the best of it. I decided not to go to school today, just to be safe, and to stay home and rest as much as I can. Rich is feeling a bit better, but still fighting the head cold and chest congestion crud. All in all, we are alive and ready to be well!

Thanks for all of your encouraging comments!


  1. Great news, Charla! But at 5 am, shouldn't you still be sleeping? Maybe today you should watch movies. Here are my recommendations of sweet movies to watch when sick:

    1. Sabrina (the newest one)
    2. Sliding Doors
    3. Sweet Home Alabama
    4. Lucky Seven
    5. The American President

    Maybe Rich will go to the video store for you today!

  2. SO glad you got a diagnosis so you can start getting better! Once when I was teaching, I got a UTI and the doctor told me that lots of teachers get UTIs, bladder infections and the like because we're forced to "hold it" until a class is over or until there is time to run to the potty. Occupational hazard, I guess! You get to feeling better SOON! I hope those schnauzers are taking good care of you!
    Also glad to hear about Dawn & Cade! Post pics when you get some!

  3. yay! i am so glad you are on the road to recovery and get the day off! i agree with audrey on the movies, great choices!

  4. My goodness! I don't check your blog for a few days, and everyone is sick! I will keep all the Jenkins in my prayers.

    I'm glad that everyone seems to be doing beter. Try to get some good rest today!



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