Monday, February 26, 2007

Need Prayer

I just talked to my doctor about the results of my hormone levels and blood test. It seems my levels are pretty low for this stage in my pregnancy. They should be around 10,000 and right now are sitting at just over 5,000. This is till in the "range" but on the very low end of it. I won't have another blood workup until next Monday, the 5th.

I am asking you all to please pray that my hormone levels will increase as they are supposed to and that the baby is growing normally in the next week.

Levels vary greatly from woman to woman, but the fact that my doctor is a little concerned and wants to watch me, makes me a little concerned, too.

Thank you so much!


  1. Charla,

    Unfortunately I know exactly what you are going through. And it's scary, no matter what the outcome. But God is bigger than this pregnancy, and He promises that His plans are to prosper and not to harm us. He has you and Sprout in His hands. Take as much time as you can to relax your body and your mind. It's easy to be consumed. Bubble baths were what got me through. =) Take care, and God bless you guys. We're praying for you.

  2. Prayers = Done and will continue

    Tell Richard hello and that I bought a new driver so that one day I will be able to outdrive him.

  3. CDJ-
    Take care of yourself...mind, body and spirit! Remember to keep living and keep breathing. I know how stressed you can become, (probably because I'm similar in that and so many other ways!) so just know that you can walk into the future knowing that the Lord loves you and holds you in the palm of his hand!
    Lots of love and prayers!

  4. praying for you...keep us posted.


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