Saturday, June 16, 2007

Not Again!

**Another Theory** Richard just came in and had another theory. Do you think the pups could get sick from eating potting soil? I went outside a couple of days ago and they had dug in a crepe myrtle I had in a pot before we transplanted it in the backyard. I thought I would pick your brains...

**UPDATE** This morning Maggie seems to be doing a little better. She got up a few times in the night and I took her out, but after about 2:30 she was able to stay asleep. I was finally able to give her a pill and she kept it down. I slept on the couch with Marlee next to me and Mags on the floor on her bed. She's still very wimpy this morning, BUT she hasn't been out with the need to just purge from both ends with little result, so that makes me feel better. And, she did eat something...some chicken broth mixed with soft food...a shake if you will. Now, I'm starting to worry about Marlee. I noticed a little bit of soft stool last night and then this morning she had some mucus in her stool. I don't know what I'll do if she gets sick, too. I'm keeping my eye on her, though. I have been thinking about what possibly could be causing this problem and I have formed one theory. We keep the dogs' food in plastic tubs out in the garage. Just recently we kind of moved things around and they were set under where I hang the mops and brooms. I'm wondering if we ever left the lids open to the tubs of food and chemicals could have dripped into them. I don't know. I also thought maybe bugs were getting into the food and laying eggs that were making them sick. If anyone has thoughts or previous experience with this please let me know. Thanks again. Right now we're just holding the fort down and praying for better tummies!

Yes, unfortunately it's happening again. Maggie is again having bad tummy problems starting this afternoon sometime. Last time Dr. L thought it was Beneful, so we swtiched to a great food that Corrie suggested because she feeds it to her schnauzers and it is good for their allergies. Well, Maggie's back is much better where she was breaking out constantly but we can't kick this intestinal thing it seems. So now I feel just totally helpless. I took her to the vet this evening (so great living in a small town where the vet will come to the office at 7:00 on Saturday night to see you). Dr. L gave her two shots and some more pills and told her to stay off of solid food for a day, just giving her chicken broth and water basically. Poor baby. I can tell she's miserable and what upsets me even more is Dr. L told me to give her a pill when we got home. I followed directions and Maggie threw it up about 10 minutes later. So, I have decided to wait a while to try to give her another. Maybe when the shots kick in and make her stomach settle down I will try again. Please say a prayer for my Maggie Louise. She's a sick girl and needs some divine intervention. Thanks.


  1. I think these dogs are conspiring against us - to make us worry - because our little stinker Dixie decided that today would be a good day to eat a dead mouse...whole. Of course, this is right after Will leaves town. I called the vet and they said she'd pass it, no problem, but that she'd need wormer. It was pretty much the most disgusting thing I've ever seen, and I was so mad because she wouldn't drop it. She looked like a snake swallowing it's prey - she just opened up her jaw and swallowed it down. Nasty. Will's dog is so gross!

  2. Poor MLJ! I hate that she's still having tummy trouble! Hopefully this morning she's feeling better! Be sure to give us an update when y'all get up!
    Love & LOTS of schnauzer kisses!!

  3. Did the potting soil have any fertilizer in it? That is a possibility. I guess the mop bucket water is also an idea. When Grace was really sick, the vet told me to cook her some hamburger meat, drain off all the fat and mix it with an equal part of rice. Supposedly that is easy for their little tum-tums to digest. The loose stool could be from switching food.
    Tell those girls that we're thinking about them. Tell them to stay out of trouble and ONLY eat things their mommy or daddy gives them!
    Aunt Corrie (on Uncle Ryan's account!)

  4. Poor babies! Lucy was sick last week too, but I have no idea what caused it. She's better now and is running and playing again. Hopefully Maggie will get to do the same soon!


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