Monday, September 24, 2007

Stampin' It Up!!

Okay, so that's not the actual name; its really Stampin' Up. I just think that is a funny name for it because my brother-in-law calls it that everytime he talks about it.

This weekend was an exciting time for me. First, my sister-in-law and two nephews came to town. They came up to school and ate lunch with me and then came back in the afternoon for the Bobcat pep rally! Drew, the almost-three-year-old LOVED it...loved the football players, the cheerleaders, clapping and throwing a plastic football onto the gym floor while the cheerleaders were was hilarious!

Then, Saturday I hosted my first true "get-together" at our house. I am part of a group of ladies that try to get together once a month and have dinner and/or drinks and just visit and have fellowship....Supper Club. So, I decided to host SC this month and my sister-in-law brought her Stampin' Up business stuff and we had a ball! Stampin' Up, if you don't know, is kind of like scrapbooking, but you mainly use rubber stamps and make things like gift tags, greeting cards, and things like that. It was so much fun.

I was a little bummed as the party started because I knew the group would be small. We usually meet on a weekday while people are in town, but with the weekend it made for small numbers. However, I honestly think it was better this way. We ended up having six ladies in all and we laughed and made cards all night. The last person didn't leave my house until 1:30! Such a good time...if you've never gone to a Stampin' Up party I recommend it. My SIL did such a GREAT job and everyone loved her!

So, here are some pics of our night! Oh, I must mention that my amazing husband worked his tail off to get our house ready for guests...especially working hard on the front and back yards and everything looks so good! He's the best in my book.

Okay, pics....

Here's the group: My SIL (stay-at-home mommy among MANY other things) on the far left, then left to right two elementary teachers, a high school teacher and the h.s. principal's wife/local gym owner.

This is a gift bag tag...YES, I MADE THAT!

I think this card is my favorite. I bought a Christmas set so I can make all my Christmas cards this year...FUN!

Another view of the Christmas card

This could be anything, but I think I'm going to use it for my Dad's birthday (BTW...he turned 60 yesterday but we are celebrating this weekend, so my next post will probably be about him and the celebration in College Station)!

I LOVED the pumpkin set...I think I bought it actually. This says "friend" on the outside and the inside I used a stamp in the right, bottom corner that says "grateful for you." I love this one, too!
I think my SIL said the cards end up costing about $.50 to make if you make several. That is way better than the $1.50-$4.99 you pay for greeting cards at the grocery store. Not to mention, it was so much fun making them and I know people appreciate handmade!


  1. OH how fun!! Wish I could have been there for that one! :)

  2. you are so crafty! I can't wait to see more! Sounds like you had a great time......

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  4. What cute craftiness! I love stuff like that, but I'm way more likely to do it in a group than if I'm just by myself at home.

  5. Wow these look amazing!!

    Do you ever have trouble with the stamp not going on all the way? It doesn't look like it so what is your trick?


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