Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Adventures of Maggie and Marlee

Last night, Maggie and Marlee went on an adventure...and momma nearly had a panic attack! Here's what happened...

I came home after work about 3:30 and promptly changed clothes and headed outside. Our yard was filled with leaves and I knew the weather was about to take a turn for the worse, so I wanted to get the leaves up before it was too cold to do so. I worked my tail off, raking and then sucking the leaves up with our Toro mulcher. When the bag on the mulcher was full, I had to take it through the backyard and into the alley to dump it into the dumpster. Well, apparently, I forgot to latch the gate the last time and after I was finished and we were inside a while, I let the girls out to potty and play before bed. About 10:15, I go outside and call them...nothing. I whistle...nothing. And then I realize what I had done and where they were. I scream for Richard and we layer our clothes (it was already pretty cold outside) and grab flashlights and take off into the neighborhood. The whole time I'm literally praying aloud, "Dear God, just keep them safe. Dear God just let us find them. Dear God, please don't let them make it to the highway and try to cross." As I'm walking up a nearby street, I see a woman in her front yard, with her dog. She asks, "Are you looking for two schnauzers?" Of course I immediately shout, "yes, have you seen them?" She says her daughter tried to get them to come to her but they wouldn't and that it had been about 15 minutes but they were headed up the street (away from the highway thankfully). So, I dashed off towards the house still yelling Maggie's name. As I turned onto our street, I see Richard getting into his truck and he sees me with the light and backs up to me. He has found them. HUGE SIGH and small tears come out of me. I was so relieved. Here's the reason I was so stressed out...well, the two reasons. One, the weather was supposed to be really cold last night and I couldn't bear the thought of them shivering through a cold night outside. Second, about 2 weeks ago, I noticed Marlee's tag was no longer on her collar. Apprently it fell off somewhere in the backyard and has since to be seen. I have been meaning to order her a new one and just haven't done it. In fact, ironically they were in the yard during the day yesterday while I was raking and I thought about it and made myself a note to go to the vet's the next day to get her new tag made. Then she escaped....

Thankfully, Marlee always stays with her big sister, Maggie and Mags is a GREAT dog! She minds almost perfectly and has always come home when she has gotten out. In fact not long ago our fence blew down on one side while we were at work, and Marlee got out. I come home to find Maggie sitting in the yard just staring at the spot Marlee had escaped from...she's an awesome pup! So, Richard said he had rounded the corner opposite of me on our street and had called their name and they came running out of the yard. Apparently, while we were out looking for them, they returned, probably after hearing us calling for them. Now, if this was Marlee by herself, I'm not sure she would have responded so well. Thankfully, she follows her big sister around like a...well, a puppy.

And THAT, my friends, is the Adventure of Maggie and Marlee. Do you think there's some money in it? You know, like the Milo and Otis movie? Probably not.

All I care about and am thankful for is having them home and that they are sleeping on the day bed behind me as I type.

Give your pups a hug tonight from my girls and me!

Oh, and I have a new tag in the works, just in case you are wondering...Corrie (LOL)!


  1. Almost exact same thing happened to us last weekend. I was raking, and Chris was running bags from the mulcher to the trash can. He left the gate open thinking I was right behind him, but I had gone inside for a minute. We had just given the dogs baths and haircuts, so they didn't have their collars on! They had a fun romp around the neighborhood and must have been gone quite awhile because they both slept the rest of the afternoon. Almost gave me a heart attack. I'm glad you had the same ending with happy, sleepy, warm puppies home where they belong. =) So scary.

  2. Tell those girls...There is NO place like home! Glad that they made it home safely and so glad they stick together! :)

  3. Corrie, that's what I was going to say. Lucy and I have had this conversation several times. There is NO place like home!!!


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