Friday, February 29, 2008

5 Things You Didn't Know

My friend, Trey, tagged me from his blog. I'll play along.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

1.) When I was in high school and beginning college, I was a nanny in the summers for two of my dad's sisters. The first two summers were spent in Sharon, Vermont. The last two were spent in Dallas. I'd always known I wanted to be a Mommy, but this just reiterated that desire for me. I loved my responsibilities; the set up wasn't bad, either. I was paid, and all of my food and board were paid for, as well. Because I was family, I was included in all the family excursions, as well. I learned many great life lessons

2.) I come from a very large extended family. My dad is one of nine children, and I have over 25 first cousins just on my paternal side. Since I was very young, we have had bi-annual family reunions, but often we see each other at family weddings, retirements, graduations, etc. We find any reason to get together. They have truly helped form the person I am today. I would LOVE to have lots of children because of this part of my childhood.

3.) Until 1999, when my grandfather died, my family was in the sheep and goat business. My dad raised sheep and goats, mainly goats, until I was eleven, and my grandfather was in the wool and mohair business until his death. He owned Uvalde Producers Wool and Mohair, and Kinney County Wool and Mohair in Bracketville, Texas. I have many fond memories of jumping wool bags and Springs when we were shearing. This is where I first began to understand what it meant to work hard for what you want.

4.) The summer between my second and third grade years, 1988, I think, I was in a bad car accident with a 16 year-old babysitter. My brother and her brother were in the back seat. I was in the front and none of us had seatbelts on. I was thrown into the dashboard, then the windshield and ended up on the floor of the car. I had plastic surgery on my face, and oral surgery to fix some teeth that were knocked out. I have had dental issues ever since. Praise God my uncle is a dentist! I have had four dental implants on three teeth (one fell out and had to be replaced), and I will always have to deal with dental problems...SO, BUCKLE UP!!! The best part of the story is while we were waiting for the ambulance to get there, apparently I was screaming for someone to hold me. The police were busy taking notes and talking to the babysitter, but a little old man on a bicycle was riding by. He stopped and came over to the car, and just held me until the ambulance got there. I still don't know who this man is and probably never will, but I still get choked up thinking about it.

5.) When I was little, people would ask me what I wanted to be and I would say, "A singing cowgirl." I have always loved to sing, and until I was probably in 6th grade, wore boots all the time. I had some plain brown ones for working, fancy red ones and my favorite...pearly-pink!! I still love the idea of living in the country some day with horses and cows and and a working ranch/farm.

Okay, so I tag Paige, Kristie, Donna, and Amy D.

Have fun!


  1. Well done ... I enjoyed reading. Thanks for playing along.

  2. Loved it! Can't believe I've known you can sing for this long and haven't heard you...requesting a concert...
    And as of today I have decided that Payton and Ansley Gayge cannot ride in the car with a babysitter..what a scary story!

  3. Hey Charla! Kim told me about your comment, and I'll be more than happy to invite you! I am realizing as time goes on that I've forgotten to invite some people who I wanted to invite! I tried yesterday and today, and for some reason it won't let me invite anymore. It says there's a limit of 100, but I have only 90! I will keep trying.

  4. Thanks, Lauren! I miss reading about cutie James!!

  5. Hi it's sal...I knew ALL of these! I even remember your pearly white/pink boots! How funny! I remember wanting some of those!

    Some other things that people don't know:

    1. playing in a barn full of cotton is like a giant bean bag.
    2. When running away, don't rely on the $4.00 in quarters to get you far at K-Bar, the nearest truck stop.
    3. In addition to dogs, you had goats for pets (kind of).
    4. You can play piano by ear
    5. You hated to be pinched on the cheeks; and spanked in 5th grade.
    6. puff-painted pillows have a wondrful look, but the paint peels off an it hurts. But always my favorite pillow.
    7. Gas bubbles are NO fun! ha!
    8. I love you!

  6. I loved this's always fun to find out new things about your friends...and the story about the stranger holding you after the wreck made me cry! Glad to know a little more about one of my BFFs.


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