Thursday, February 28, 2008

Puzzle Me This

Okay, so there was a little play on words in that title. Here's why. My mom always gives us the best stocking stuffers and such at Christmas. We have some presents wrapped, and some laying on the couch when we wake up. This Christmas, one of the items she gave Richard and me was a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Growing up, we always had a puzzle in the works on a table in the living room. When we had a minute or when someone was watching t.v., we would work on finding pieces, always placing the edge together first. I know, I know...sounds very dorky. I suppose if the shoe fits...

So, Richard decided Saturday night he wanted to start piecing this monstrosity together. Now, a normal 1000-piece puzzle isn't usually that big of a deal. We started putting the edges together Saturday night and it took us FOREVER! This puzzle was cut in a very random pattern and what you THINK the missing piece should look like, never turns out to be. We SWORE each piece we couldn't find must have been left out of the box, but alas each edge piece was found and we began filling in the middle.

I'm taking pictures of our progress. It has really been fun to spend time with Richard, totally focused on finding the perfect piece. I think I am enjoying it most because of the conversation we end up having. We have laughed so much...over very dumb things, I assure you...but still, we have laughed.

So, if you need some good, one-on-one time with your honey, or you just need a smile and a gut-busting chuckle to release some tension, here's my advice:

Don't watch another movie, or go out to dinner at the same restaurant, or even buy tickets to a sporting event...just find yourself a good jigsaw puzzle and start working!

**Disclaimer** I am not a licensed therapist and in no way do I claim these suggestions as the cure to boredom...but it doesn't hurt to try!!


  1. Thanks fot the advice! That actually sounds like something I might do! I think the kids might even want to try. Maybe it could be some good family time together. Hope to see you soon! Friday????

  2. I hate dang puzzles...Imagine me not able to sit still while looking for a small object????
    So if I ever need a friend to come and help Marty with all his puzzle pieces, I now know who to call.

  3. great great grand father always had a puzzle and we would sit down with him and anyone else at the house and work on it...thanks for bringing back some great memories....It was always fun to sit down and the conversations were always fun and it made us talk to each other...even if we didn't have much to say.....I might have to bring this up to hubby or even my mom....

  4. Elizabeth has just discovered jig saw puzzles, so what a great idea! That looks like quite a challenging puzzle, so good luck, and have fun!

  5. That makes me giggle! That is ALL Eric and I used to do...Many of the best memories of my marriage...


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