Sunday, March 02, 2008

Good Friends Make Me Sweat

Well my peeps, it's been a long time coming but I've finally come back from the "dark side." Richard and I started working out together before we were married to get in shape for the wedding. We were dedicated; for four long months we worked our butts off, literally, six days a week an hour a day. That all ended October 12, 2002...our wedding day. As soon as the pictures were taken, and we were in the car headed away from the reception, it all went out the window. I think we had burned ourselves out because we were so focused on the wedding day and not making our workout regimen and nutrition a lifestyle. We actually eat pretty healthily even still, just because we both enjoy healthy foods.

I've tried to go back, and stay back but it just hasn't happened. I mean, it doesn't mean I haven't been to the gym, I just haven't been dedicated the same way I was 5 years ago.

But things have changed, as of last Monday. Not long ago, I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah talking about the Real Age test. So, I went online and found it. I took the test. The questions determine your real age, versus your chronological age. As I was taking the test, my age stayed about 2.5 years younger than my chronological age; I actually kind of felt like I was doing better than most people would...yes, I kind of got a big head about the whole thing. I got through all the health questions: what I eat, do I smoke (no) or drink (not excessively), what is my stress level, etc...? I was still doing fine...until I got to the exercising part. Every question I answered about working out and how many times a week I get 30 minutes of cardio exercise, my real age would increase. When I was finished, it was at 27.4...okay, so it IS still younger than my chronological age (I will be 29 in April), but it is still older than it could be. This was my catalyst.

SO...I have worked out every day, EXCEPT Saturday, since last Monday, and it's only just begun. I can't remember the last time I worked out a full week in a skippies! And it's not that I'm overweight or anything, but I am VERY out of shape cardiovascularly and I need some serious toning!

I have five friends, all teachers (two elementary and the other three from the high school with me), that are all meeting after school at the gym to work out.

I haven't been this dedicated or motivated since before our wedding, but already I feel so much better; I have more energy and I can feel that bloated, heavy feeling starting to go away.

So, I will report in every once in a while and let you know how things are going!

My goal is to be at my ideal weight/tone in three months. I have about 8-10 pounds to lose, but mainly I want to know I'm healthy and I want to feel healthy and energized...oh, and looking good in a bikini this summer at the river wouldn't hurt, either!


  1. Hey Charla,
    YOU CAN DO IT GIRL! Keep up the good work... you actually motivated me to get back into my routine :)
    Speaking of the FRIO, here is my parents house... I think it is next door to the one you stayed in before. Anyways, I can get you a sweet deal if you are interested :)
    You can check the availability on the website, but then rent straight through us instead of the company.

  2. proud of you....keep it up...don't get to burned always helps when you have someone to make you committed...keep it up...let me know if there is anything I can help you with....

  3. Yes YOU ROCK....It must be the smell of the leather that makes you work out sooo much...ha.
    it has really helped to have y'all to work out with....passes the time and we all get to catch up..
    When we get discouraged just think FRIO!

  4. Char - great post and I agree friends do keep you motivated! But I just wanted to let you know that I "let it ride and decided" that you do NOT have 8 pounds to lose skinny girl.

  5. Hi Charla,

    My name is Sara Turley. Audrey Turley is my sister-in-law. I live in Amarillo, so I am familiar with Childress. I am a kindergarten teacher in Hartley,TX (a very small school). I have been thinking about appling to Childress ISD. I would love to have your email address to ask you some questions about Childress. My email is I promise I'm notm crazy or anything, I just want to ask some questions.


    Sara Turley

  6. I am so proud of you, and really inspired, too! I also have so much more energy when I stick to a workout schedule...and I sleep better as well. WAY TO GO!!!!

  7. Glad to be one of your friends that help keep you do the same for me. I'm glad to have you to talk to and work out with. Thanks for the boost!


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