Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birffffday to Youowwww!!!

Today is my Maggie Louise's 4th birthday! Last night I sang her happy birfday on the couch and this morning I gave her, and her little sister, Marlee Jane, a dried chicken with sesame stick. They gobbled them up so they must have been tasty! We got Maggie 4 years ago when we lived in College Station. She was born in a trailer house in Franklin, Texas and Richard got her for me for my birthday. It was so sweet...he put a leash and a puppy book in a gift bag and told me we would go get Maggie in a few days. I was SO excited because I grew up with schnauzers and I had been wanting one of my own for a while.

Maggie is a very calm dog. She is my number one companion, although not much of a cuddler. She is the most obedient dog I've ever known or owned and she is loyal beyond measure. She is also a great watchdog and protects her Momma when a stranger comes near. And whomever it is should fear because Maggie is quite the solid specimen. She's not fat, just muscular...stout...(wink, wink).

So, Happy Birffday to my first baby, Maggie Louise! I love that baby schnauzer girl!!!


  1. Maggie LOUISE!!!! Happy birfday from your Aunt Corrie and your three schnauzer buddies in Waco! Keep protecting your mommy and little sister!

  2. That is really cute. I really thought they were so cute and kinda made me want one...I thought this post was cute..steph

  3. Hope your pup had a very happy b-day! You're so sweet! Hey - I want to borrow the book your reading when you're done. I've been wanting to read it. Love - Sharon

  4. Happy Dog Day to Maggie! I've got to bring the girls to see Maggie and Marlee. They are dying for a dog! I just don't know if I can be a good pet caregiver. I may need lessons. We never had a pet growing up and neither did Chuck so we may need to take a class or something. Good to catch up on your blogs. Love your music. You need to teach me that trick!


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