Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Post of Pics

I found a bunch of pictures on my camera I hadn't even uploaded to my computer yet. So, here are some random shots, of random days/nights, and/or random events.

Maggie Louise playing with her jack that her Aunt Corrie gave her when she was a puppy.

Marlee Jane lookin' curious and cute!
Richard and me in Uvalde at Christmas Eve church; I love going to church at home for many reasons, including because it is where we were married and I think of that day every time I'm in the sanctuary again.

The full length view

Deer hunt over Christmas break. All four of them were shot on my parents' land in one weekend. From l-r, my dad's brother Walt, Richard, my cousin Robyn and her boyfriend Clinton. Looks like four proud deer killing Aggies to me! Too bad my dad and I didn't shoot a deer or all SIX of us would be in the pic!

Richard and I were invited to a Gala dinner and auction to benefit CASAS of the Rolling Plains, a charity that helps children who have been removed from abusive I loved it because it gave me an excuse to get all dolled up! We had a good time, and of course we MUST get the "dressed up" picture. This was just a couple of days after I cut my hair...which I LOVE, by the way!

Here's a video of Maggie and Marlee I took tonight, mainly intending to just see if I could post a video. The quality is terrible, but such is life with my current digital camera. But aren't the girls cute? It's been a while since we practiced our sitting, so Mags was a little rusty and her back feet slide on the tile/hardwood so her "sit" is more of a slipping "down." The 80's music we're jammin' to in the background is from our satellite. We had it playing while Richard and I were working on a project...I will post about it later, when we're further along! I'll just preface by saying we are total nerds on a Saturday night!


  1. OMG! They are so cute! I want one! Except that I must say I am better at potty training children than dogs!! So they ALWAYS end up outside dogs. You are all practiced up I guess!;)

    And the music...I cannot leave this comment without saying, LOVE IT!! Made me smile!

    Thanks for the post! Lots of fun!

  2. I am pretty sure I heard them say...."Donna come visit us!"
    Yep! I'm sure of it. Love the pics!

  3. Cute pictures! I love your hair! Hope to see you guys soon!

  4. I loved this pictures....and I love your looks so cute on you...
    I do also love the dogs....but I don't know if I will ever get to get one...steph

  5. Great pictures. So glad to actually see you in person at the gym. I love your hair too! So cute!

  6. 1. Can't believe MLJ still has the jack toy I gave her so long ago! That is awesome!
    2. Could have done without the dead deer picture. Ugh! :)
    3. LOVE your new haircut. Very chic! It suits you!
    4. The video of MLJ and M?J made me giggle. The are such cute little schotzies!!


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