Thursday, March 06, 2008

America's Heartland

This summer, my mom will be in Kansas City, Missouri as a reader for the AP Art History test. It is a great honor and a pretty difficult process to be asked; I'm so proud of her!

Anyway, I am planning to fly up to Kansas City to see her for a few days while she is there.

So, I'm asking any of my blog readers who may have spent some time in KC to give me some advice. What MUST I see while I'm there? What are the good restaurants? We're staying in the Crowne Plaza so it would be great if there were things in that area I could walk to. Mom will be grading all day, so I will have that time to explore the city on my own! I'm so excited!

So, please leave suggestions and comments if you know anything about Kansas City that would be helpful!



  1. that sounds like so much fun...have a great time...I bet your mom will appreciate the company...don't let her work too hard her some fun...have a great time...steph

  2. I haven't been to KC...So stick me in your luggage!

  3. A trip with your mom! How fun! I haven't been there so you will have to test the waters for me!

  4. And your mom thinks this would be great too...... a little James Taylor wouldn't hurt anything either!!! Just to let you know, I started the blog thing again. I'm hoping I will keep it going this time now that it doesn't take a day and a half to download/upload/ ya!!

  5. Yay! How fun! The last time I was in KS, Mo, it was 13 degrees and gusts of wind at 30 mph! UGG...BUT, there is an amazing little town-square type place on the river - filled with great restaurants, and fantastic shops! If I was chillin in KS, I would go to that area, get a mani/pedi, get coffee in a little shop, read a book at lunch (probably Houston's since I know that place) and then walk around window-shopping and spending more money on cute outfits than I should! The people in KS City are SOOO nice, you will love them all, and they are super laid back! There is plenty to do on the square, and even a fun little sports bar where young people hang out. Live it up! ps. I hope I am not too late!


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