Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Musings

Well, it's been a few days since my last post, and I have a few things to share, I guess.

First, our new mattress is here! Yay! We finally gave in last weekend and while we were in Lubbock, ordered a Sleep Number Bed. It wasn't supposed to be here until next week, but was here when I got home. Nice.

Second, I talked to the nurse today at the fertility clinic about my Prolactin levels. We were in Lubbock last weekend just for this take blood so they could do a follow-up test after I've been on meds for three weeks. Well, the levels are NORMAL! They are 15.5 (I think this is what she said...I was at the gym and the music was so loud I missed the exact level). She did follow that up with, "the normal range is 3-20 and you fall in that range." Dr. Dorsett hadn't seen my chart yet, so she said I would probably get another call tomorrow after she had a chance to look it over. It is a relief, I must say. There are still some things I have questions about, but I'll fill you in on more when I find out more, hopefully manana.

Lastly, and most upsetting, is our high school principal called a special after-school meeting today to tell us all he wouldn't be back next year. He is moving to central office into a newly formed position of assistant superintendent. He mentioned working with curriculum, but honestly I didn't hear much after that because I was so stunned and I was afraid to look at him because I thought I might tear up! We are SO THANKFUL they aren't moving out of Childress, but I will tell you there were some VERY BUMMED people at CHS this afternoon! That just goes to show how awesome he has been and how much he will be missed! He will be GREAT for the district, however, and I know this is a fantastic move for his family! Steph, I'm so glad we don't have to say "goodbye" to you guys and I PRAY this means you will be in Childress indefinitely! So, congratulations to Toby...but he should know that we ALL believe it won't be the same without him at CHS!!

-next week is my Spring I hear a big 'ole Aggie WHOOP??!!! We MIGHT go to Uvalde to camp with my parents in Utopia...not sure, yet. It will just be nice to have some down time. I can't believe we only have 9 weeks of school left! Crazy!

-STILL on the workout circuit! I can already feel a difference in my clothes and just the way I feel, even though I'm not really seeing it on the scales. That's okay...I've never been a real scale addict anyway. They lie...honestly.

-Saturday, Rich and I and some friends of ours are headed to Shamrock, Texas for their annual St. Patrick's Day festivities that evening. Jason Boland and the Stragglers are playing and I am SO needing some good Texas country music to dance with my hottie hubby to. Can't wait!! might be just you and me and our boys!

-We've had some plesantly warm afternoons here the last few days. I'm loving it! It also motivates me even more to work out because I start thinking about the Frio this summer and what I would look like if I put a bathing suit on right this moment...other than pasty. Yikes!

Hope everyone's weekend is restful!


  1. YEA for your test results! I am so excited for you! I know you are relieved.

    Ready to Rock the Sham with ya Char because we ARE fun people! HA

  2. Ouch on Toby leaving. I still have 3 kids I wanted to get through HS before he tried this little trick. I say we don't let him change positions! :)

    I'm proud for him too.

  3. I am so happy about your test results! I am going to Uvalde next weekend. My dad's 60th is the 24th so the whole family is coming home for the weekend. If you are around, let me know. I would love to see you, even if it is a short time.

  4. I'm saying the "let go and let God" lecture Emma gave you is HIGHLY effective!! I am overjoyed that the test results came back normal. I bet here before long we will be trading Mommy stories!! Won't that be fun??!!

    Still unsure about the "Sham"(as crazy Francesca calls it), just so hard to make definate plans around here!!

    SO sad our kids will not be bossed around by Toby!! But, am SO happy we aren't losing some of our best buds!!

  5. I am so glad to hear about your test results.... that means it is all getting closer to a reality...

    about Toby's new position....we (especially himself) have struggled with all the options...but now we hope that this will allow us to stay longer here in Childress....which we really want...steph

  6. So funny, you and I were just talking about how long Toby would stay as principal this weekend...
    Glad to hear about your results. I know God is at work. Have fun in Sham we are going to my mom's this weekend. Drew is so ready to see them, he has been counting down the days since we left Childress. Oh...about the scales. Yea I worked out six days last week, went to W.Watchers, and lost a big fat 0. I almost teared up...then I remembered a quote, "Weight loss and wellness is a journey not a destination." Have fun in Uvalde and email me/call if you get any news from Dr. D!

  7. Email me you email sweet Charla! I am I have a prayer book for you full of verses with your journey to ferile ground that I used and you see the duo in action now! Would love to chat with you as this was a jounrey God put Doyle and I on as well.

  8. I am so excited to hear the news from the nurse! :) God DOES have a plan!

    That is a bummer about your principal...Administrative changes are so very difficult on a school; however, I am sure they have a perfect plan for your next leader!

  9. I'm so happy for you honey! I know you are relieved! Look at all the things we have to be thankful for in our cirlce of friends! I love ya and will keep up the praying. Have a GREAT Spring Break. I'll be at the store (working) if you need me. I'm jealous - wish I got Spring Break!

  10. OOPS - Love Sharon!


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