Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break: It Does A Body Good

Among other things. The much anticipated SB is soaring by, as always! I have taken this time off of school as an sleep and be lazy! It sounds fantastic, I know, but I actually am feeling pretty pathetic about it if you want to know the truth. You know it's bad when you watch so much television your eyes are literally burning, you have a headache and you know you are dehydrated because you haven't been off the couch in five hours to get anything to drink.

I HAVE gotten some things done...washed all the laundry and even ironed quite a bit, thoroughly cleaned room by room in the house, and while I was working on our bedroom, I washed and dried our comforter (LOVE that smell when I climb in bed), and cleaned out clothes I haven't worn in the last year (or sadly, more), to give away or THROW away. That was a great feeling. I had been needing to do that for too long and now I have a 30-gallon trash bag full of clothes. Unfortunately, there is no where to take them in Childress. I even called the Chamber of Commerce but no luck. The Baptist church used to be in charge of a ministerial alliance, but it doesn't do it anymore. How sad. There is no place to donate clothes in a town of 7,000 + people...well, at least not one I've been able to locate. So, I will take the bag with me the next time I'm in the city, I suppose, and donate to Goodwill there.

Richard and I have both had our teeth cleaned as of this a.m....don't you just love that feeling when you're teeth are SO clean they are slick on your tongue? I love it...I love getting my teeth cleaned. I also asked about my upper wisdom teeth. I only have the uppers, meaning I've NEVER had any on the bottom and was always told that until the top ones begin to bother me or shift my teeth or something, I could leave them in. Well, one has come through and a couple of weeks ago it was REALLY sore and the point I couldn't sleep on that side of my face. So, I asked about it today and was told it would probably be wise to extract it. And I thought it wise to go ahead and take both of them while we're there. So, late May, as soon as school is out, I'll be getting my wisdom teeth out. Yuck. But I was told the uppers are MUCH easier than lowers and you don't have to worry as much about dry socket and all of that. My brother did NOT have a good experience, so I hope mine is better. On a side note related to that...the hygienist who cleans our teeth is one of the SWEETEST people I know, and is 361 days older than me (her birthday is 4/14 and mine is 4/10). She and her husband are "good peeps" as Richard would say and it is probably one of the reasons I enjoy going to the dentist because we can chat. Today I mentioned something about going back and forth to Lubbock and she asked a couple of questions. Anyway, it just proved to me how many people are actually affected by infertility issues. They have been married 2 years longer than we have, and have been trying to get pregnant with no success. They finally have an answer, of which most would find disappointing at best, but for those of you who have struggled with infertility, you understand it is also a relief in and of itself, just to have an answer. I was just thinking as we were talking that even when I go somewhere totally obscure like the dentist, I find people who have experienced this crazy adventure I can relate to.

We finished the puzzle...well, I must admit Richard really did most of it. But in his sweet way, he called me over to the table a couple of nights ago, and had the last piece in his hand. He wanted me to fit it in place. Aww...but now what do we do with it?

Spring Break may be good for my body, but apparently not for my brain. Here's what happened this afternoon. What is wrong with me? I sit down for about 15 minutes and make out a very detailed grocery list. I leave for the store and on my way there, stop by the nail place to get an eyebrow wax (I've been in twice in the last 4 days only to be told to come back later b/c they were too busy). So, I decide to head over to Wal-Mart first for my groceries. I get to the parking lot and realize I forgot my aforementioned list...argh. So, I get in the car and drive ALL the way back home (a whole heaping 1/2 mile or so). I run in and decide to change into a t-shirt because my hoodie was too hot. I run in, grab the list, change and am back on my way to Wally World.

I know the post is long, but being cooped up in this house the last few days has made me a little stir-crazy and in need of a good "talk!"

A couple of posts back, I used a fertility/infertility cartoon. I thought I would start closing each post with one. They crack me up and remind me you really have to take all of this stuff with a grain of sand and keep a sense of humor about the whole thing. God's timing trumps ANY fertility treatment! Enjoy...

To those of you who are able to partake, Happy Spring Break!


  1. Loved the post...I am so glad that you got things accomplished... There is nothing better than the finished product of a clean room, closet, or drawer... Glad that you got something done....Also, glad that you received some news...hopefully it will lead to other news...about the teeth...take care of yourself...I dry socketed all 4 of mine...and that was miserable...but I went waterskiing, ate corn on the cob, and did everything you weren't supposed to do the day after....hopefully we can get together before spring break is over....enjoy what time you have left...steph

  2. I wanted to chime in on the wisdom teeth. I had a very pleasant experience. I had very minor swelling but no pain. I didn't even take Tylenol after the first day. I followed the doctor's advice on eating, didn't get dry socket, and was back to normal the next day. So having a good experience is definitely not impossible. I hope yours goes as well!


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