Friday, March 14, 2008

Two Posts in Two Days...

I just had to quickly share...

When I got home, to begin my week-long Spring Break vacation, I had the BEST surprise waiting for me (well one of the best). My entire house was clean...not just picked up, but clean, AND our new bed was put together, the bed made; even the fancy pillows were put back on it! Yep, this was my one-of-a-kind, what did I EVER do to deserve you, love of my life, awesome, stupendous HUSBAND!!!! He took a few hours off of work this morning to stay home and clean the house for me because he knew how tired I have been and how stressed the house was making me! I'm so blessed with him I can't even put it into words. God is certainly merciful and great, because he KNOWS I do not deserve this man and yet here he is, mine all mine.

p.s. I booked my ticket for Kansas City and using a voucher I had from a previously cancelled ticket, I had to pay a whopping $.20! That's POINT 2-0, as in CENTS! "What credit card would you like to put that on ma'am?" I just laughed.


  1. It is nice to know that your husband listens to you and really knows what will not only make you happy but help you..... take care of yourself and enjoy your week off... I hope y'all had fun at Shamrock...

  2. The cartoon on the previous post made me laugh as my mom actually bought me some earrings that depicted the "fertility God" (not that we believe in that, but when struggling to get pregnant you will try anything.)!! Your test results sound very positive - know we are praying here in College Station. The best part of all is you and Rich are so rock solid you can get through whatever live throws your way! Have a great spring break! Love, Lisa

  3. SO how do you like your new bed? I'll be very interested to hear how you like it! Do you and Rich use the same sleep number?

  4. He's a good guy that Richie Rich! Saturday was a blast!

  5. What a man what a man what a man what a mighty good man! I'm so glad you returned home to such a treat--you deserve it. I bet the new bed is awesome! Still praying for you and the future baby-to-come. :)


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