Wednesday, August 20, 2008

13 Thoughts

My friend, Toby, posted this on his blog and challenged his readers to do the same. So, I thought I would play along. Here are 13 of the MANY things on my mind right this moment.

  • I miss Richard and Saturday couldn't come sooner.
  • I need to find a great wig...any suggestions?
  • I'm so happy for my pregnant friends, especially those who have waited so long.
  • I can't believe summer is already over, but I'm ready for Monday.
  • I hope UIL doesn't kick my butt this year!
  • One more week to spend laying out and reading would be nice.
  • I wish I had already started running regularly.
  • Housekeepers ROCK!
  • Didn't get those cabinets painted, dang it. I WILL do it!
  • So many good books, so little time!
  • Puppies are a gift from God.
  • I wish Childress had a LOFT.
  • So glad my school keys are now found.


  1. i love it! so i copied ya! i love your thoughts... you are so wonderful!

  2. I might do this one myself!! I think I might have WAY more than thirteen in my head right now...

    Loved the thoughts. Miss you and can't wait to see you in a wig!!

  3. I am excited that RICHARD is coming home...take care of was nice to see you yesterday...I am going to need a workout partner...any takes...steph

  4. I am sitting at school waiting for Meet the Teacher night to start and I, too, can't believe summer is already over!!

  5. Okay - I'll start running with you if you think we can motivate each other. Also, why haven't you called while Richard has been out of town. I would have loved to hang out. You know I'm alway up for that. And, I'm sorry that summer is over for you. Maybe next summer I'll have that pool for us to hang out at (wishful thinking I'm sure). We need to talk to ya'll very soon about A&M football trips. Love ya - S

  6. Please take my children back!!!



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