Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random Ramblings On My Crazy Life

This post will be completely random. This week has been pretty chaotic, starting actually last week when McHotterson left for College Station. I miss him like crazy but he will be back soon and I'm counting the hours.

In the mean time I've been busying myself with many things.

First, we have had tech camp at school starting Monday. I am presenting four times so of course that meant about four days of prep before camp actually began. When I tell some I'm doing this and they find out I'm not getting paid extra they don't understand why I agree to it. But honestly, I actually ENJOY it! Yes, it's a crazy thing, but there are days when I like my job. Actually most days, I LOVE my job and that is a true blessing. I love my students, the people I work with, and the blessings I've been given as a teacher in CISD.

Tech camp started off a little rough for me as I spent two plus days trying to get some software to work for a presentation I gave today. I never got it to work and I swear it is because of our new operating system on our Macs, Leopard. Last year when we ran Tiger, this program worked fine, and all of a sudden it won't work on our Leopards. Although, at least one teacher has used it (he thinks) with Leopard and it has been successful. But as I said to Toby over and over again, as he very graciously tried to rid me of my frustration and fix my problem (such the typical man, and I mean that in a good way because I totally, 100% appreciate the help and he was just as frustrated as I was when it didn't work), if it's going to go wrong, it's going to go wrong for me (technology speaking, at least). I just have to take it as a learning experience and know I will come out able to help someone else with the same problem later.

So, I presented "Blogging 101" and "Student Response Systems" and I have one more session of the former before I'm finished. I have to admit, I LOVED presenting about blogging. Most of the attendees were so enthused and ready to start blogging in their classrooms. I think they realized the VAST potential they have as a tool with students. Then, I get home and grab the paper out of the yard and much to my surprise, THERE I AM! Front page of the paper, teaching BLOGGING! You're very sneaky, Mr. Ryan, very sneaky! Who knew three years ago when I started blogging just for fun, it would bring me this far?

Next, I've been keeping myself busy at night watching the Olympics. I absolutely LOVE the Olympics, especially the Summer games. I remember as a child watching EVERY Olympic games and taping them to watch over and over again. Our favorite summer sports as kids were gymnastics, swimming, diving, and some of the other less popular sports like fencing and water polo. My brother and I always looked forward to the games, and it was definitely a family bonding time. Will and I both were in gymnastics for years and my childhood idol was Mary Lou Retton, as I'm sure she was for many young girls my age. OMgosh! I loved her! She was so American, you know?

How about Michael Phelps? He's just amazing. I cannot fathom having that much athletic talent. He just won his next gold medal and is now the GREATEST OLYMPIAN OF ALL TIME because he now won more medals than any other Olympian in history! I literally am witnessing the history books being rewritten! And I love his story. He grew up with only his mother after his father abandoned them when he was young (don't you know he's just hating that decision NOW)! Apparently Phelps was always very driven and competitive, which I can relate to, but look at this guy! He's unbelievable! And how about that men's relay race the other night? I was literally jumping up and down screaming at the t.v. and I loved Phelps' reaction! Priceless!

I also really like Natalie Coughlin (American swimmer). She seems very real and down-to-earth and I also like that she was emotional on the medal stand when she won gold. She just seems like someone I could be friends with.

Another one of my favorites is the gymnast, Shawn Johnson. She is spunky and despite being the smallest member of the 2008 Olympic team, she has the most energy and most enthusiasm of all of them. And she's so darn cute to boot! She is only the 4th US gymnast to win the all-around title, and she did it at 15! She's a World Champion, and now at the Olympics.

I also love the inspirational stories. Like the Israeli swimmer who's 51-year-old father fell off of a ladder while he was hanging a celebratory sign for his son, just a couple of days before the Olympics started and passed away. He got a call at 4 a.m. while sleeping in Olympic village from his mother who gave him the news. He swam anyway because he said he knew his father would have it no other way. Those stories are truly awe-inspiring.

I told you this post would be random. So, here goes.

I have to make a confession. I'm a huge Big Brother fan, or have been in the past. I really don't watch many reality television shows, except of course HGTV or TLC but those are just makeovers and things like that. Anyway, I have really loved BB until this season. I want to watch it and want to love it, but I just can't. Things are evil this season. I guess I should have seen it coming after two seasons ago with Evel Dick (yes, that is his name) in the house. But this isn't just one person. It's like everyone EXCEPT one is evil. Maybe two. And it's a huge disappointment for me. This season I feel like they are all SO VERY childish and full of themselves. All they do is scream at one another, get worked up, cuss each other out...it's ridiculous! Honestly, there's not one person I feel deserves the money and I've never felt that way. If I had to give the money to someone right now, it would be Memphis. He seriously seems to be the only sane one in there. Maybe Dan, but he's done some weird things "in the name of religion" that I'm not sure are okay with me. Speaking of religion, I really hate that some of the players feel they must use that as a pawn or an insult to others. Jerry is the worst about this. This week he called Dan, Judas and said he will continue to do so. He told him he would burn in hell and even used his fingers to make an upside down cross sign to Dan. How sad. I just can't watch it any more. The concept used to be so appealing, but just as Oprah lost her audience with me, so has BB. R.I.P., but I'm pretty sure that's near impossible in Season 10!

On another note, I am heading to Dallas this weekend for some good times with my parents and my sister-in-law. I cannot wait! I am only not looking forward to the drive. Other than that, I'm ready for some relaxing (hopefully involving some water I can dive into), a good book, good visiting, shopping, eating and sleeping. Ah...the calm before the crazy storm of another school year!


  1. Congratulations on making the front page!! I hope you have a great weekend with your parents in Dallas!! I agree, the Olympics are pretty awesome. Awesome stories about some awesome people. Have a great weekend!

  2. I am glad that you are getting away. I didn't know that you were alone for so long. You need to let me know when you would like or can come over for supper and be a part of the crazy Tucker family. Take care...and thank you again for the help this week. I know that Toby appreciates all the hard work also...I am serious...let us know when a good time would be for you...we would love to have you over....steph

  3. So glad to see an update! I have been obsessed with the olympics this year, too. We have seemed to watch every event possible in the evenings, but boy, does it make it a late night!! It's so hard to settle down when you have just witnessed Phelps and his teamates kick the fire out of the French!! MY FAVORITE OF ALL!!! I loved it!! Have a great trip to big D. And congrats on making the front page!!

  4. I agree with you about the Olympics....they are awesome. I'm really amazed at the synchonized divers....how do they do that exactly the same??? I'm glad to know that I'm not the only 'closet' big brother fan and I totally agree with you about how dumb and childish they all are this year. I used to feel sorry for Jerry, but what he said to Dan......that was awful. I will probably watch until the end just to see who gets the money, even though none deserve it.

  5. I love reading your "random" posts. Have fun this weekend with your family.

    I have been wanting to ask you, how do you insert a virtual link into a post? Like how you did with "Tony" in this post or a clip from TV or someones website???

  6. you were a good teacher! have fun in dallas!


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