Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ask Me Anything!

I've seen this on a few blogs recently, and I think it's a great idea! I know there are people with questions about our situation or maybe even our life (not that we're exciting at all...ha), so I thought I would give anyone and everyone the chance to ask me questions and I will do my best to answer them! Whether it is about our journey in infertility, our jobs, our famlies, our faith, etc...I welcome them all!

So, ASK AWAY!! I will post the questions and my answers in a few days!

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  1. hi there mz. charla pronounced "sharla"! what are your top 3 FAVORITE places to eat in college station and what do you order there? ;)

  2. What is your dad's secret to cooking his world famous brisket? (Charlie's suggestion)

  3. What's a song that makes you smile every time you hear it?

  4. What led you to teaching? :) (maybe you answered this in an earlier post...hmmm...)

  5. 3 questions:

    1 - What's your top two favorite James Taylor songs? (wanna see if they match mine)

    2 - What's your top two favorite places to eat out in Childress?

    Now for the biblical one...

    3 - Do you think Adam & Eve had bellybuttons?

  6. What are your thoughts on adoption? Is that an option for you guys? What specifics (if any) have you thought through?

  7. What is your favorite board game?

    What is the last book you read?

    What is your favorite magazine?

  8. Who has been your favorite principal?
    Do dogs go to heaven?
    Did Judas have a choice, and if so is he in heaven?

  9. Which Mama Mia number would you be able to entertain with at a talent show? :)

  10. What city, that you've not been to in the USA, would you most like to visit?

    Can I go with you?

  11. What makes you happy even on your saddest days?

  12. What color were your first cowgirl boots?

  13. What inspires you?

    And to Honor Will.....

    Who is your favorite Curriculum Director?


    I cannot wait to hear what you think about Adam and Eve's bellybuttons.


Comment away, y'all!