Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random Run-Ins

 I am told I am the queen of randomly running into people in places where you wouldn't expect to see them.  I'm teased for knowing people everywhere I go.  I blame it on having such a big family.  When you're close to even your 2nd and 3rd cousins, it makes running into people you know or are related to even more likely.

This weekend I was in Austin with some girls on a fun shopping trip.  While we were there, I saw two people I knew. 

First, we were eating at a restaurant in Georgetown, and I saw a girl I went to high school with. 

Then, we were shopping at the Domain and decided to eat at Gloria's (an amazing Salvadoran restaurant), and I ran into a cousin of mine, who it turns out is the manager.  I wasn't even sure if it was him, but after a text to my mom, I decided to go back and say hi. 

I'd be interested in knowing the statistics of running into people randomly.  I'd bet the chances were pretty low of it happening as much as it seems to to me.  

Seems mine really is a small world. 
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  1. My father runs into people who know him everywhere! I say "people who know him" because at almost 88 he often has to be prompted to remember them!

  2. I am from a large family too (one of six siblings). And I am accused of knowing people wherever I go too. One random time was when my husband and I were in Albuquerque at the mall (we live in North Texas), and I heard my name being called. It was my Aunt and Uncle who lived in Roswell and we didn't know one another was in town. Small world!

  3. I had a friend who would ALWAYS run into someone - no matter where he went. It was crazy and amusing.

  4. I was right down the road from the Domain on 183 this weekend. Isn't it fun running into people like that? We've even ran into people in Las Vegas we've known.


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