Friday, October 29, 2010

Yesterday's Appointments

We left home about 6:45 yesterday morning and headed to Lubbock for our two doctor's appointments. 

Our first stop was Dr. Hales, the Fetal/Maternal specialist.  Amy was our sonographer this time, and I loved her!  She was so outgoing and talked to the babies the whole time she was working with us. 

The babies looked great.  They are measuring ahead still and are in the 95th percentile for height, go figure (those who don't know him, my hubby is 6'4").  Yesterday I was 12w5d and the babies were 13w1d and 13w2d, so they are consistently measuring bigger than their actual gestational age. 

Heart rates were 161 and 159, which was pretty much the same at our second appointment with Dr. Dorsett.

I had some blood drawn for screening (SCARY), and then we were off to the second appointment. 

Oh, I forgot to a week and a half, I've gained 5 pounds!  HA!  Some might be upset by that, but I was actually excited (am I weird).  For the first time in my life, I don't really have to worry about what I eat for the most part.  I've been good about eating healthy, but it just doesn't bother me to gain weight with this pregnancy.  That's so nice to say.  Remind me of that in 4 months!  :) 

Amy, (the sonographer), said she was almost certain Baby B is a boy (which is what we have thought since the first time Dr. D guessed), but she said she was going to stake her claim that Baby A is a girl.  Dr. Dorsett initially said she thought both were boys, but they are easier to see at this point.  Baby A is always curled up so it's never easy to see his/her goods.  :) 

But, at our appt with Dr. D yesterday, she went ahead and said Baby A was a girl, too. 

I am confident Baby B is a boy, but I won't be confident in Baby A's gender until someone tells us for certain, probably in about 3 weeks. 

All in all, the appointments were great and so reassuring for me!  I do have a little infection I am being treated for with antibiotics.  Would you join me in praying the infection will clear up and I will be able to continue with no more complications?  In the name of Jesus, Amen! 

And of course, I couldn't end a post without some pictures of the sweet ones.  

 Twin B in favorite picture...his head is in his hands.  SO precious!

Twin A...middle right of the screen is the face with eye sockets and a mouth...kind of creepy but still cute!  ;)

Twin always, on his back just relaxing.  

Baby B's spine

I like this picture because it shows all the bones in the baby's body (Twin A).

 Twin A's sweet arm, elbow and hand, by his/her hand.

And finally, both babies TOGETHER, facing the same direction (head down, rumps up). 

I'm so in love already. 
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  1. Charla I am SO SO happy for you!! What a blessing. I'll continue praying that you have an uncomplicated and wonderful pregnancy :)

  2. I am so glad the appts went well! I can't believe you have had two people guessing the genders already! No one said anything to us until I was 17 or 18 weeks. Head down already? That is a good sign! Ellie and Gracelyn both measured big the entire time. I think, don't quote me on this, that might be a twin thing.

  3. CHARRRRRRRRRRRRLA!!!!!! i am SOOOOO flippin' excited for you!!!! omg omg omg. seriously!!! wrap those arms around yourself and give you a BIIIIIIG hug from me, girl!

    love love love this for you. God is SO faithful, am i right?! xoxoxoxoxo

    p.s. me and the crew are making our trip down to uvalde/brackett on november 12th weekend!

  4. How exciting! I can't wait to meet 'A' & 'B'. It's such a blessing to literally see God shape and mold these little people, and to know that they are going to join you soon as precious babies. I can't wait!!!

  5. I sooo love them already! My cousin is having boy/girl twins too!!! AHHHHHH! I'm soooo excited!

  6. It's CRAZY that you already know what you're having. But very, very cool! Have you found a boy name to go with Zeldon. ;-)

  7. I am already in love, too! I can imagine how you are feeling! Just moving right along with two blessed miracles AND a boy and a girl (most likely)?! So awesome!


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