Friday, December 10, 2010

Punchy Beverage

Recently I acquired a punch bowl from my great aunt.  She used to have a catering business and for years had several punch bowl sets in her barn.  So, when she told me to go and pick one for myself, I was excited!  I don't think it's commonplace anymore for people my age to have things like punch bowl sets. 

Yesterday I was privileged to help host a baby shower/sip 'n see for a coworker and his wife who just had their second baby, Kinley Mae. 

I immediately volunteered to make punch so I would have the chance to use my new-to-me bowl. 

One problem:  I had never made punch in my life. 

Solution:  GOOGLE, of course! 

Here's the recipe I used and it was a HIT!  So good and so easy! 

1 can of pineapple juice
1 small can of frozen orange juice (I used 1 large can)
1 liter 7-up
2 cans Hawaiian Punch
1 carton of raspberry sherbert (I used neopolitan sherbert)
ice (pellet is the best)

(This is a Google image, but it looks very similar to it.)  

Mix all ingredients and about 15 minutes before serving, add raspberry sherbert.  OH, and I left the orange juice out for a few hours before the shower so it was thawed. 

And, down the hatch!!!
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  1. Mmm, sounds good. I'll have to write this one down. It's so hard to find a good punch receipe.

    Loved your comment about my belly at 26 weeks compared to yours a 18. HA!! You have two precious miracles in there. Oh and I think K had alot of extra room already provided for her. I wasn't the tiniest thing before I got preggo, HAHA!!

  2. I want to make that punch right now!!!! YUMMY!!


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