Friday, January 28, 2011

Not Exactly Bedrest

You might have noticed I never posted a pregnancy update for week 25.  Here's why. 

Saturday, I woke up with some pretty intense contracting going on.  I've never done this stuff before, so I was pretty uneasy about what might be going on.  They didn't hurt at all, but were coming more often and with more intensity than they had before.  I've been having some Braxton Hicks off and on for the last couple of months, but this was different. 

So, after some phone calls, we ended up driving the 2.5 hours to Lubbock and went straight to Labor & Delivery.  We got there about 7:00 Saturday night.  After being hooked up for about an hour, all looked well.  I only had one very small contraction and I never even felt it. 

I was given some instructions and an Ambien (heaven sent) and McH and I stayed at a hotel in Lubbock for the night. 

We came home Sunday and I rested and took Monday off so I could rest more.  I felt much better and the tightening got much better so I decided to go back to school Tuesday. 

Bad idea.  All day the tightening was bad, and even somewhat painful in my lower abdomen, which really scared me. 

By the end of the day Tuesday I was miserable.  So, I decided to take the day off Wednesday and call the doctor in the morning. 

Of course she wanted me to come in so she could check me out, and basically that was when she made the decision.

I am now on complete work and travel restriction.  This means I have to stay close to home, and close to a bed or couch so I can lay horizontally if I feel like I need to.  Right now I can stay on my feet for 10-15 minutes at a time before I need to sit down, and I can sit for a while longer before I need to lay down. 

There you have it.

Not exactly bedrest. 

I can't say it's fun necessarily, but it is totally worth it, of course, and just reducing my stress level by not being at school I know will help. 

My goal is still to make it 11 more weeks (37 weeks) and I know it is possible, I just hope my body cooperates.  
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  1. Good ole Lubbock - haven't heard that town's name since Spud Webb took to the air. I saw Santana and Stevie Ray opened the concert. Long time ago. I pray all goes well with your pregnancy.

  2. Scary adventure! I am glad they did not find anything wrong. Hoping the next few weeks breeze on by so you can meet your healthy full term babe!

    Thinking of you!

  3. Glad everything is ok! Enjoy being able to rest, this will be the last time for a looong time that you'll get to just laze around! :)

  4. I'm impressed you made it so far while still teaching! I pray your little sweeties stay put until your 37 week goal!

  5. Praying for you that you make it 11 more weeks - hang in there!

  6. Hang in there! Bless your heart! I was on bedrest (only for 9 days) at 29 weeks, and I quickly learned to take it hour by hour sometimes. Knowing you're doing it for those babies makes it totally worth it!

  7. oh POO. now is the time to be lazy - hope you have some good magazines/books! i know God already knows their birthday, but i do hope that birthday is many, many weeks from now.


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